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Setting up a streaming platform
Getting started Okay so let’s get straight to it - this is what we are trying to achieve: AWS Workspaces So firstly, you’ll want to get yourself an AWS GraphicsPro Windows Workspace. These are quite powerful instances with 16 vCPU’s, 122 gig of RAM and a GPU with 8 gig of video memory. WARNING: these things are expensive, they’re either $1,232 per month in the Sydney region or $81 up front and $14.34 per hour so you’ll want to use them sparingly!!! Things you need to install Download some media onto your Workspace VLC + NDI Setup OBS.Ninja Streamlabs for OBS Download some media onto your Workspace It’s important to have a few bits of media on your workspace to help with doing some nice scenes with OBS - you will get what I’m talking about when we get to that part. Some suggestions: a png export of a slide from powerpoint to use as a holding slide. some royalty free background music a pre-recorded video of yourself - perhaps say something into your webcam for a few minutes! VLC setup You will want to download and install VLC as well as the NDI plugin and this is probably the best blog to follow in that regard: https://www.......
The makers of DBT do a $13m USD fundraise
Fishtown Analytics announce a $12.9m fundraise
Exploring the Great Barrier Reef
Exploring the Great Barrier Reef We kicked off any great family holiday with plenty of excitement and a bit of relief that we managed to get through airport security in time. 2 nights in Port Douglas Port Douglas was a beautiful spot with a lovely beach, a massive Sunday Markets as well as plenty of forests close by to explore. A quick stay in Cairns We stayed at the Shangri-La and had a great view of the marina from the hotel. Off to Green Island Green Island was super fun and such a beautiful spot to connect with nature. Day trip to the Outer Reef Definitely one of the funner aspects was going to the outer reef - an hour boat ride for some really good snorkelling and scuba diving. Back in Cairns and then off to Sydney And as quickly as we started our journey, we were headed back to Sydney - it was a bunch of fun though and we really enjoyed it! ......