Setting up a streaming platform

Getting started

Okay so let’s get straight to it - this is what we are trying to achieve:

AWS Workspaces

So firstly, you’ll want to get yourself an AWS GraphicsPro Windows Workspace. These are quite powerful instances with 16 vCPU’s, 122 gig of RAM and a GPU with 8 gig of video memory.

WARNING: these things are expensive, they’re either $1,232 per month in the Sydney region or $81 up front and $14.34 per hour so you’ll want to use them sparingly!!!

Things you need to install

  • Download some media onto your Workspace
  • VLC + NDI
  • Setup OBS.Ninja
  • Streamlabs for OBS

Download some media onto your Workspace

It’s important to have a few bits of media on your workspace to help with doing some nice scenes with OBS - you will get what I’m talking about when we get to that part.

Some suggestions:

  • a png export of a slide from powerpoint to use as a holding slide.
  • some royalty free background music
  • a pre-recorded video of yourself - perhaps say something into your webcam for a few minutes!

VLC setup

You will want to download and install VLC as well as the NDI plugin and this is probably the best blog to follow in that regard:

OBS Ninja setup

Getting setup with OBS Ninja couldn’t be easier, simply go to this URL: and enter a unique room name that’s easy to remember and voila, you’re ready to roll. To access the director room, you’ll need to use the following query string ?director=room_name

Streamlabs setup

Okay here’s where you will need to do some work. What we will need to setup is the following:

  • scenes
  • inputs